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  • LandJet is reinventing the way we see road travel

    November 4, 2019   |   VENTURE SCHOOL

    LandJet (Bettendorf, IA) is reinventing the way we see road travel with the help of Venture School's customer discovery and real-world experimentation.

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  • Landjet, a mobile office to maximize your time

    October 22, 2019   |   We Are Iowa

    IOWA LIVE: Landjet, a mobile office to maximize your time by: Jessica Thomas

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  • A company launches a mobile office vehicle

    May 8, 2019   |   KWWL

    (NBC)–There’s a new company in Iowa and it’s making it easier for people to do work on the go. Landjet is an executive mobile office vehicle. The company rolled into Des Moines last month, after launching in the Quad Cities at the end of 2018.

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  • Davenport mobile office van allows you to work while they drive you

    January 16, 2019   |   KWQC

    DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) -- Distracted driving gets the blame for more and more accidents now and a new Davenport business called ‘Landjet’ is designed to help. They do the driving for you in a kind of mobile office on wheels.

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  • New ‘offices on wheels’ roll up to Iowa City

    December 5, 2018   |   The Daily Iowan

    The mobile office company LandJet is expanding from the Quad Cities, bringing its services to surrounding Iowa metropolitan areas, including Iowa City.

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  • Not your typical taxi; LandJet taking over the streets of the Quad Cities

    October 30, 2018   |   WQAD

    DAVENPORT-- It's a bus, it's a plane, no, it's an office. A new business concept in the Quad Cities is transforming the way you travel for work. The CEO of LandJet, the office on wheels, says the concept could not only save you money, it can make you money.

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  • Video: Landjet CEO talks mobile board room

    October 24, 2018   |   IOWA CITY PRESS-CITIZEN

    Landjet CEO Mark Ross talks about the history of the business.

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  • Quad-City company makes traveling for business productive and luxurious

    October 16, 2018   |   Quad-City Times

    A few years ago, Quad-City executive Jim Thomson grew tired of spending hours traveling for business meetings that only lasted half an hour.

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Your unique, business needs and comfort preferences will be incorporated into the interior design of your LandJet. Customized options include your selections for mobile office or board room configuration, safety features, high-powered sound systems, high-definition display monitors, state of the art appliances, luxurious interior seating and table top materials. Work with our experienced designers to create the mobile office environment best for you.


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