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I am happy to say that LandJet exceeded my expectations! The drivers and staff that handled my reservation, were very professional and courteous. Being able to book LandJet for my recent trip, allowed me to work while I was riding the 4+ hours each way for my meetings. The configuration and amenities provided within the vehicle made the trip enjoyable. As opposed to going to the airport hours ahead of time, and then having to dealing with changing planes and possible delays due to the weather that was being expected, the Landjet was the best choice. My trip in the LandJet saved me from having to stay overnight out of town, wasting countless hours in airports, and being out of touch for extended periods of time while flying. I would highly recommend LandJet to anyone who appreciates a great value and values their time while traveling for business or pleasure.

David Smith, Russell

Like so many others, my work has me spending a lot of time traveling. From time to time that travel presents a catch 22.  The work done at the destination produces revenue. The time spent getting there eats up productive hours, therefore costing me potential revenue. That was the case last week. So I called LandJet, a mobile office equipped with comfortable seating, a desk, WiFi and an excellent driver.  I was able to spend my travel hours finishing two projects, putting the final touches on my presentation,  and meeting all of my deadlines.  On the return trip home I had several calls, then relaxed with a magazine. No productive hours or revenue lost that day. Thank you, LandJet!

Martha Veon

Ascentra’s advocacy team contracted with LandJet for a trip to Des Moines in April.  Through LandJet's accommodations, eight team members utilized three hours of travel time as an opportunity to research and formulate strategy.  In years past, we needed two vehicles and everyone played on phones or had separate conversations.  The free Wi-Fi, HDMI inputs, large screen televisions, and conference table allowed for a fantastic collaboration space.  The driver facilitated a wonderful experience and proved very professional.  This service is simpler and more cost effective than operating a company vehicle, maintaining it, and accounting for it as an asset.  Ascentra looks forward to using LandJet's mobile executive offices in the future.

Matthew L. De Bisschop, Ascentra Credit Union

Since Jancy Engineering, Inc. has numerous international and domestic visitors, we require a dependable transportation service from O'Hare to the Quad Cities.  Jancy decided to use LandJet services with positive results due to: excellent communication between both companies, ease of booking, competitive rates, professional and courteous staff, dependable and comfortable equipment, extra amenities as an option, ease of our visitors to contact the driving staff and coordinate pick ups, flexibility of required drop off points for our visitors and the overall pleasant customer service/experience. LandJet continues to follow up and make sure the highest level of customer service and needs have been met or exceeded.  Jancy highly recommends LandJet as a viable option as a transportation company.

Timothy Flaherty, Jancy Engineering, Inc.

I’ve had the pleasure of using LandJet a number of times this summer for business travel. The vans are well-appointed with conference tables, big-screen TVs, leather captain chairs, etc., and separated from the driver by a privacy divider. I plan to continue using LandJet and highly recommend it to anyone who wants to be productive as they travel, or simply travel in comfort.

Robert V.P. Waterman, Jr., Lane & Waterman LLP


Your unique, business needs and comfort preferences will be incorporated into the interior design of your LandJet. Customized options include your selections for mobile office or board room configuration, safety features, high-powered sound systems, high-definition display monitors, state of the art appliances, luxurious interior seating and table top materials. Work with our experienced designers to create the mobile office environment best for you.


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